Book review: My reading companions to North Wales


What travel guides / reading companions did I use for my travels to North Wales? I read a couple of books and analysed the OS map. I also checked online reviews, websites, blogs and forums, but the paper books were my main source of inspiration.

Wild Guide to Wales

This is my essential (and favourite) travel guide. I have the other ‘wild’ guides and the Welsh edition turned out to be just perfect! We followed it to get to know the area better and to visit all the less-known / hidden places. Each chapter is divided into little sections (not all the same for each chapter, as this depends on the region), e.g. beaches, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, wildlife and trees, sacred and ancient, lost ruins, mines and caverns, slow food, cosy pubs, wilder campsites and rustic havens.

OS Maps

OS maps also belong to my essential travel pack! It’s so useful to have a detailed map showing walking tracks and more hidden places. They’re big-sized when open, but then you can have this vintage travel look 😉

Xenophobe’s guide to the Welsh

This is a perfect reading companion when travelling: its small size can fit into your pocket! And it’s funny, interesting, entertaining and light-hearted. What can you learn about the Welsh? Their obsessions, longings (hiraeth: a longing for one’s true home, p. 30), singing and language. Enjoy!

What guidebooks did you read when travelling to Wales? Please let me know in the comments below.

Kinga Macalla

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