Goodbye 2022 and hello 2023


Happy New Year! I know it’s already February, and I’ve only now had time to sit down and write the first post of 2023! It was the beginning of our winter term at Bristol Language School that took most of my attention, but it was good to be available for last minute questions and enrolments. Thank you to all our students for joining our winter language courses.

Before writing this post, I went through my last year’s reflections and plans. It’s interesting to see what was important to me then.

So first let’s see what 2022 was like. In 2022, we celebrated our 10th year anniversary at Bristol Language School! Yes, the school was founded in August 2012! A little project that turned out to be an exciting hub for learning and improving language skills. There was an anniversary party, cake and wonderful guests (please read more here). Not only that, we had many kind words from our learners and our language tutors (please find out more here). It’s amazing that we could celebrate this wonderful event together.

Sadly, in 2022, we had to say goodbye to our French tutor, Jean-Paul. We worked together for nearly 10 years, so it was a very special relationship, but Jean-Paul decided to permanently move to France and continue his professional life there. So, through recommendation, we appointed a new French tutor, the wonderful Guillemette. We also started working with a few more amazing language tutors: in Spanish (Natalia), in Mandarin Chinese (Edward) and in Dutch (Eva). I’m so happy to expand our team of language tutors who are dedicated to their work and passionate about teaching languages. I’m grateful for our current team of language tutors.

Personally, last year definitely belonged to our baby boy, as this was the year when our third baby was born: how we all fell in love with him!

Now, what are my plans for 2023? I think I’d like to introduce a series of talks with interesting individuals on interesting topics. Also, I plan to have an informal gathering to celebrate our 10th year anniversary (again!), as due to railway strikes, not all attendees were able to come to our party in November 2022. Finally, I also want to support our language school by creating a patreon’s site for the friends of Bristol Language School. The decision to create this page came to me when I realised that for the last three years, financially, we just have enough to cover our basic business financial commitments. I lowered my salary by half, three years ago, and I have barely been able to increase it since then. We know that we have great support from our students and friends of our language school, hence I came up with the idea to create a site where we can create a community of language enthusiasts and also something to support me and the language school financially. You can visit the Patreon page here to find out more about this new venture. Maybe you would like to support our school and become our patron? Thank you for your ongoing support!

We already started our winter language term and we’re now putting together our spring timetable. Meanwhile, you can book individual lessons with us via our website.

These are my reflections on 2022 and visions for 2023. Have you made plans / visions / dreams for the New Year? Please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for learning languages with Bristol Language School.

Wishing you a prosperous and generous 2023!



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