On Languages: French

One of the most widely-learned and widely-spoken languages in the world is spoken by England’s neighbours across the Channel. Many of us will have learnt some French at school.  The chances are we mostly learnt about France in our lessons.  However, French speakers can be found all over the world,...

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Book Review: Growing up with Three Languages by Xiao-Lei Wang

Raising children bilingually sounds challenging enough, but trilingually? Xiao-Lei Wang and her husband decided to teach their children their heritage languages: Chinese and French, while living in the USA. They were very serious about this project and gave their full attention and creativity to make it work for their boys...

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Learning Languages – My Story

My name is Suzannah I am a PhD student in Translation Studies.  I speak five languages (English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish) and am learning a sixth (Polish).  You may ask how or why I have learnt/am learning them and what I use them for.  What I will say is...

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