Learning Languages – My Story

My name is Suzannah I am a PhD student in Translation Studies.  I speak five languages (English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish) and am learning a sixth (Polish).  You may ask how or why I have learnt/am learning them and what I use them for.  What I will say is...

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Learning a Language: Online and Mobile Language-Learning Tools

With the advent of widespread access to technology, it has never been easier to find resources to help you learn a new language.  If you use the internet, you can find a wealth of tools to support your learning that are fun and interactive and don’t break the bank.  It...

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Learning a Language – A Few Tips

Learning a new language is an enriching experience – it introduces you to new ways of doing things, thinking about things and talking about things.  It widens your horizons: it can make you attractive to a potential employer at home – or help you get that dream job abroad! Learning...

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