Travelling Corner: Teaching in Indonesia

My adventure in Indonesia began in 2014 with a spontaneous visit to Sumatra. I remember, during one of my travels to New Zealand, flying over a lusciously green island and the pilots telling us that this was Sumatra. And since then, it has been in the back of my mind...

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Travelling Corner: Late Autumn in Wales

Late autumn in Wales is beautiful, it allows us to experience different weather conditions, from strong winds, pouring rain, unexpected morning storms to warm sunny spells. I was planning to travel around the Welsh coast and to have a very slow-paced, relaxing trip. But the reality was quite the opposite;...

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Travelling Corner: Orchid Island. Taiwan.

I stepped off the boat onto a land smothered with jade flora.  Our senses were immediately awaked by the shades of green sandwiched between the turquoise sea and the emerald sky.  My travelling companions and I looked up at the mountainous expanse before us.  Orchid Island lies about 30 kilometres...

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