Travelling corner: A day in Manchester


What can you do in Manchester, if you a few hours or a whole day to spend (and you’re travelling with kids!)? Well, it’s best to choose one or two places to visit, to have enough time to actually enjoy them. See below our day in Manchester.

Central Library

When we arrived in Manchester, we first went to see… the Central Library. The library is beautifully designed, spacious and modern. We spent most of our time in the kids’ section, but even passing by other rooms, we saw how their design is also functional and user-friendly. It’s a wonderful community space, inspirational and accessible. Now I’m spoilt and wish to have a similar space in Bristol. 😉

Manchester Art Gallery

The art gallery in Manchester is almost opposite the Central Library, you just need to traverse a square with many trams crossing it (I know, how exciting!). The art gallery has a kid-friendly studio which, unfortunately, was closed when we visited it. But, they had a really interesting exhibition on Scandinavian design (with the famous Danish chairs and armchairs). We briefly visited the permanent exhibition which definitely needed more attention and time. Our last stop was the gallery café (with some hypnotising window views) which was a perfect place to end our day in Manchester.

Have you been to Manchester? What’s your favourite place to visit?

Kinga Macalla

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