Travelling corner: Belgium by train


What’s so great about travelling by train in Belgium? Ticket prices! Yes, the train tickets are not expensive and it does not matter if you buy them in advance or just on the day. They can even be 50 per cent cheaper at weekends! The trains are comfortable and modern. There is a train station right in the centre of Brussels, so do check your train connections before heading off. So, where did we go? We went from Brussels to Ostend and from there we wanted to go to Nieuwpoort by a coastal tram, but tram drivers were striking on this day! J So instead we stayed in Ostend and spent a slow day on the beach – walking, getting some sun-shine and playing. We also visited our friends in Antwerp where from the moment you’re off the train, you can fall in love with the architectural marvel that is their train station. Your appetite for architecture can only grow if you walk through the city and visit the Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) where you can admire the whole city of Antwerp from the museum’s roof. We couldn’t miss Brugge with its medieval feeling, horses with carriages, cobbled pavements and tiny shops. It’s also a perfect hub for chocolate lovers! We also commuted by tram in Brussels, as we could observe the city from the tram windows or, for example, spot a perfect café (true story: we spotted a fab café and one day when our tram broke down, we were so happy, as we could finally go there for a delicious cocoa!).

I loved our train travels! Do you travel by train? What are your favourite destinations?

Kinga Macalla

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