Travelling Corner: Prague with Kids


Planning to visit Prague with your kids? I visited Prague with my daughter and would like to share some of our favourite spots. Let’s start!

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Aquapark & Ice-rink

If you’re into sport, you will enjoy going to sport centres in Prague. I particularly enjoyed the aqua park AquaDream Barrandov which is not far away from the city centre (you need to go by tube and then a few stops by tram). I visited at the weekend and on a week day and both times it wasn’t too crowded. In winter, there are many ice-rinks around the city (both outdoor and indoor) which are not too expensive, but check their opening hours before going there (especially the indoor ones).

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The Prague Zoo is an impressive size and has a lot to offer. There are many species of animal (including polar bears, elephants, hippos, monkeys, flamingos, etc.) as well as playgrounds, cafes and even a chairlift to the hill. Even though it was winter, we all enjoyed our visit. There were elephant families with the little ones and we found the little elephants so adorably clumsy in the mud.

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Concert halls

Why not have some cultural treats when travelling abroad? And what’s more, let’s enjoy them with our kids! We went to a wonderful concert sung by children at the theatre Stavovské divadlo. The tickets were inexpensive and the whole experience was magical!

Prague with kids-1

Divadlo Říše loutek

Prague is famous for their marionette puppet theatre Divadlo Říše loutek. The performance we attended was entertaining and our daughter really enjoyed the story. Even if you don’t speak Czech, I would recommend going, especially for the marionette puppets, decorations and music.

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La Veranda

It was a treat at La Veranda. The food was truly scrumptious (!!!) and if you visit on Saturday from 12-4pm, they have a children’s corner there. Worth booking, especially at weekends.

Prague with kids

Have you been to Prague with kids? What were your favourite spots? Please share in the comments below.

Written by Kinga Macalla

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