kingamacallaKinga Macalla, MD & Founder

Kinga is the Director and Founder of Bristol Language School. She is a native Polish speaker and has an advanced proficiency in Czech and English. She has experience in teaching Polish at the University of Bristol and lecturing Polish and European Studies at the University of the West of England, where she was also a Polish Language Tutor Leader.
Kinga has studied in three different countries. She successfully completed the postgraduate course for the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (English law option) at Cardiff University. She graduated in European Studies from the University of Bristol (MPhil). She completed the undergraduate course in Poland, studying Slavonic Philology with Czech as a main language. Following this, she spent last year on a Socrates-Erasmus programme at Palacky University in Olomouc in the Czech Republic.


Anna Oliver Barreda, Catalan & Spanish Tutor

Anna is a Catalan and Spanish native speaker currently working as a Catalan teaching associate at the University of Bristol (UOB), where she won the Student’s Outstanding Teaching Award (Faculty of Arts) at the  Bristol Teaching Awards ceremony in 2018. She joined UOB in September 2017 and has taught Catalan language as an open unit for different language degrees since then.

Before that, Anna worked as a secondary and high school Catalan teacher and also worked in different language schools teaching both Catalan and Spanish as a foreign language.

Anna got a BA in Catalan language and literature (2014, Autonomous University of Barcelona) and an Official Master’s Degree in Teaching in Secondary Schools, Vocational Training and Language Centres (Catalan-Spanish, 2015) at the same university.

Learning a new language is learning a new way of understanding the world. Because of that, Anna mixes language and culture in her lessons and encourages her students to learn about all the aspects related to Catalan language and culture.

She is especially interested in popular traditions, literature, phonetics, dialectology, sociolinguistics and language accuracy.


enas-photoEnas Almansory, Arabic Tutor

Enas is a native speaker of Arabic and Amazigh (the barber language spoken by the native tribes in North Africa) and a fluent speaker of English. She speaks a Libyan dialect of Arabic as well as standard Arabic for academic use.
She is a PhD candidate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Language Assessment  at Bristol University. She also holds two Masters degrees: one in English Language Teaching from Tripoli University and another in linguistics from Essex University.
She also has experience of teaching TESOL and Arabic for non- native speakers. She works with standard Arabic as well as regional dialects.
She is interested in research related to the assessment of language, testing, TESOL and methods of teaching. She enjoys engaging with students and understands their needs to boost motivation and create fun inside the classroom.


Maria Amesbury, Italian Tutor

Maria is Italian and was born in Ruvo di Puglia, a town in the beautiful Puglia region – the “heel” of Italy. She studied English Language and Literature at the University of Bari and on graduation, successfully completed a PGCE specialising in teaching adults. Her first position in the UK was as a language assistant in a Bristol secondary school and since then she has taught Italian in a wide variety of contexts, including many years at the University of Bristol and Bath University.

Alongside academic teaching, Maria runs complete immersion intensive language courses both in the UK and in Ruvo, her home town. Her passion for teaching is well known by the variety of students who have met her.
Maria has an infectious enthusiasm and an unfailing belief in students’ ability to learn, whatever their background, their circumstances or their past experiences. Her approach is student-centred and designed to give learners self-belief and self confidence through a variety of teaching methods.

As well as her passion for the Italian language, Maria loves the culture of ‘Il Bel Paese’ (especially opera), the traditional food of Southern Italy and, of course, football (her favourite team is Inter!).


Elin Fry, Swedish Tutor

Elin is a native Swedish speaker, brought up in Stockholm. She has studied, lived and worked in the UK, USA, Spain and Sweden. She holds a Bachelor Degree in English and Pedagogical studies and has spent her career in the educational sector and the travel industry, which reflects two of her passions. She has taught English in Sweden, managed language schools in Dublin, worked with supporting college students on a 1-1 basis as a Learning Coach in Bristol, and worked as an Operations Manager organising tours to Scandinavia.

Elin also runs her own business, Fika Bristol, where she bakes and sells Swedish biscuits and cakes. Elin operates her business partly because she enjoys baking, but also to share her love for the Swedish culture of Fika. She will most certainly explain the concept of Fika during one of her sessions.

Since 2012, Elin has lived in Bristol, where she is raising her two bilingual children. She is very excited to have joined the BLS team and to get a chance to teach Swedish.


VictoriaVictoria Holderied-Milis, PhD, German & Dutch Tutor & Senior Office Manager

Victoria is a GTC certified qualified secondary teacher with eight years of teaching experience in Germany. In her previous position she taught students aged 15-18 as well as mature students from various levels and backgrounds, offering an introductory level French course designed to prepare German students for their annual extracurricular work placements in France. So, whilst being of Belgian nationality, Victoria acquired advanced proficiency in German and even wrote her PhD thesis in German. Prior to her PhD Victoria successfully acquired an M.A. in Religious Studies and an M.A. in Theology at the University of Leuven (Belgium) as well as an MSc. in Sociology at the University of Bristol. She is currently a part time Teaching Support Assistant for the latter.
Victoria always aims to start the day reading “Der Spiegel” online and listening to Bayern 5 news on the radio. With a family spread over 4 countries, being able to switch fluently between languages is essential.  Visiting the family always offers fantastic opportunities like enjoying a proper Beer Garden, a genuine Christmas Market or a concert in a baroque church.  There surely are enough reasons to learn German!


Jodie Gong, Mandarin Chinese Tutor

Jodie currently works as a Mandarin Chinese tutor at the University of Bristol (UoB). She joined UoB in January 2013 and has taught Mandarin Chinese on the University-wide Language Program (UWLP), formally known as Applied Foreign Languages (AFL), since then.

Jodie obtained her Masters degree and PGCE for International Education from the University of Bath in 2012. She enjoys teaching and interacting with students of different ages, and believes teaching is also a process of sharing. Jodie is confident that her classes are fun as well as educational.

She is a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese, born and educated in Beijing. She obtained her BA degree (English Education) in 1996 and became a language teacher after that. She also worked as a translator/officer in Beijing for 7 years. In 2004, she and her husband moved to Bristol and they have settled down in this lovely city, along with their two children.


albertoAlberto Outeda Martínez, Spanish Tutor & Graphic Designer

Alberto was born in Huelva, Spain. He acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Masters Degree in Secondary Teaching from the University of Seville. As part of an Erasmus programme Alberto completed the final year of his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Athens, so in addition to speaking Spanish and English, he is also fluent in Modern Greek.
Alberto completed the first year of his PhD with a minor thesis on Art and Education. As he loves languages, he decided to become a language teacher as a good way of connecting both subjects and he hasn’t stopped teaching since.
To learn a language is also to learn about a new culture and a different way of thinking. With this in mind, Alberto encourages his students to construct their understanding of the Spanish language through music, literature and arts.
In his free time he paints and works as a graphic designer.


Jean-Paul Metzger, PhD (Musical Composition), French Tutor

Born and educated in Paris, where he gained an MSc(R) in Computer Science, Jean-Paul moved to London in the early 1990s and became a freelance translator. Two and a half decades on, and after a 9-year detour through Devon where he honed his skills as a French tutor while reading music at Exeter University, he now lives in Bristol and divides his time between translating, teaching French and writing music. He was awarded a PhD in Composition at Bristol University in 2014.

Since 2002, when invited by a group of francophiles to set up a French class in the small Exmoor town where he lived at the time, he has taught groups and individuals of all standards, always striving to ensure that his students consistently improve and gain in confidence and fluency through programmes which are responsive to their needs and where the culture behind the language features prominently.


Marika Parisi, Italian Tutor

Marika is a native Italian speaker. She was born in Sicily but lived for 20 years between Turin, Milan and Rome. She knows Italy very well from the North to the South. She has a first degree in History & Philosophy and is also a certified Rome tourist guide. In Italy she had her own bookshop where she taught her own lessons on Italian history, so she knows many documentaries and lectures very well, particularly about Ancient Rome. Furthermore, she has been a tour guide in the city of Rome and is experienced in organizing cultural trips.
In 2012 she moved to the UK where she obtained her second degree, in Italian Teaching & Culture. Marika likes to encourage students to be creative in her lessons so she includes games and some easy preparation of Italian food. With Marika you can talk about the Italian lifestyle, the country’s monuments and history and have fun!


patrycjaPatrícia Pereira, Portuguese Tutor

Patrícia is a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker. She was born in the biggest city of Brazil, São Paulo. There, she acquired a Law Degree (after finishing her degree, she passed the Brazilian Bar Exam-OAB) and she also has a degree in Environmental Management. Her passion for languages, culture and food led her to backpack around Europe, working on several animal conservation projects. At that point, she started giving private Portuguese tuition and realized that teaching was her dream job and hasn´t stopped since.
She has been teaching (Portuguese and English), translating (she has a few translation certificates plus IOL in General and Science papers) and interpreting for over 6 years now. She also provides interpreting services for the NHS and marks GCSES for OCR (Oxford and Cambridge). She absolutely adores working with languages!
Her other interests are animals, travelling, photography, sports, films, music and cooking!
She believes that to be able to teach others you have to be passionate and motivated yourself. If you have that, the students will have a great time learning a new language and discovering a different culture!


noelia-photoNoelia Sanchez, Spanish Tutor

Born in Madrid, the Cosmopolitan capital of Spain, Noelia is a fully qualified teacher. Graduated in Primary Education and as a Modern Foreign Language Specialist, she comes to Bristol with a Language Assistant’s scholarship provided by the Goverment of Spain.
Noelia is a passionate Spanish Teacher who works in some local and private schools. She has experience in one to one lessons and teaching groups of different ages and levels.  She defends a learning method based in motivation by using enjoyable techniques that help the students to achieve their goals. Classes are mainly delivered in Spanish, as she thinks the best way of acquiring a new language is by getting immersed in the linguistic and cultural atmosphere of that country.
In addition to her love for teaching, Noelia really enjoys learning new skills. Whenever she has spare time she likes to play the ukulele and write short stories for kids in Spanish.


Shiho Suzuki, Japanese Tutor

Shiho is a native speaker of Japanese who is also fluent in English. She studied English Literature at Nagoya University. She grew up in Shizuoka prefecture, also home of  Mount Fuji.  She worked in advertising sales after her degree, but her passion for English language led her to want to learn how to communicate better with people in English.Since then, she has been living in the UK and Japan. She was an assistant teacher teaching English in Japan for a year, and also learned how to teach Japanese to foreigners  in Japan at that time.
She has been living in the UK for most of the time since she first came to study English in Devon in 2001 though, and in Bristol for about the last four years. She is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and interest in the Japanese language. Shiho has been practicing Japanese calligraphy for more than 15 years, and loves travelling and meeting people!

Anna Trojan, Ph.D., Russian, Hungarian and Ukrainian Tutor

Anna has been teaching Russian for twenty years. She taught Russian at ELTE University in Budapest for historians. She also taught Russian for bankers at EXIM Bank, Budapest. She has a PhD in Russian Literature and is interested in the Russian avant-garde. She prepared Russian language materials for Hungarian Winemakers and Excisemen that was commissioned by the Hungarian Ministry of Education and has experience of brand monitoring of big tech firms in the Russian media.

Anna has experience in teaching Ukrainian and Hungarian as well. She works as an interpreter for the NHS, law firms, schools and councils in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

She is interested in politics and especially in Russian-Ukrainian-Hungarian relations, Russian food and paintings. Anna likes travelling and thinks that everybody who likes vast spaces should visit and travel in Russia.



Enjoyed it very much. Look forward to it every week!

Séamus Fleming

Teaching style quite relaxed but also clearly pointing out our mistakes and how to improve. A good mixture of grammar and text with lots of examples.

Rob Pitcher

Really enjoyed it. The class atmosphere was great and the teaching style suited me. Any questions I had were always answered well, and we had lots of practice in class. We also had homework which made us study at home.

Tom Watton

Good variety of material, interactive lessons (maps, food types, etc.), fun. Would return for more lessons.

Jon Jenkins