Time for some changes: Starting a new blogging journey


Dear Readers,

After writing our school’s blog for 5 years (and occasionally sharing it with other contributors!), I’ve decided that it’s time to start a new blogging journey. What?!?! Yes, a new blogging platform has been created 🙂  Why? To inspire you even more to travel, read and learn more!

What content will be shared on the blogs:

School’s blog

I’ll continue writing our school’s blog: the posts will be more about languages, language learning, language teaching, language tutors and language research. They’ll be posted monthly or bi-monthly.

Kinga’s blog

I’ll write about travelling (also with kids!), fascinating books, my personal stories / research about languages, adult and kids’ bilingualism. And an occasional off-topic might be shared there, too! It’s a creative and inspirational platform to get motivated, to share one’s experiences and to show the learning journey. Posts will be published fortnightly.

So we’re divorcing, but not entirely, as the school’s blog will still be active and my new blog will continue the school’s blog mission, but with a more diverse and personal touch.

I hope you’ll continue popping by to read our school’s blog. You’re also very welcome to join me on my new blogging journey.

Stay safe and well.

Thank you for being my reader,


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