Travelling Corner: 4 Ideas for a Weekend in Edinburgh



If you would like to visit a historic place with amazing museums, galleries, cafes, restaurants, green spaces and super kind people, you need to go to Edinburgh! I went there for a weekend and here are my highlights:


Royal Botanic Garden

Wow. It’s such a beautiful garden and the greenhouse is just breath-taking (look at the photo below). I don’t think I even walked through the whole garden, but I definitely recommend the terrace café where you’ll find a beautiful view of the city. The out-door space is free of charge, but you need to purchase a ticket to go to the greenhouse (totally worth the price!).


Walk on The Royal Mile

If you’re lucky to have nice weather (yes, blue sky can exist in Scotland!), I recommend a walk from The Royal Mile towards the Scottish Parliament building. You can either stop there or visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse. You could even visit Dynamic Earth just around the corner or continue towards Holyrood Park, then even further on to Portobello Beach.


Dynamic Earth

I was amazed by this science centre: the staff members were fabulous in making every step of the visit so easy and entertaining. Really great learning hub. I must mention that some expositions are quite loud, so it might be a bit too much for younger audience.


Portobello Beach

The perfect place if you want to have a long walk on a beach or simply sit down on the sand to watch waves and seagulls. At weekends, there are many joggers, walkers and children, but it’s never too crowded. There is a café-van selling delicious coffee, teas & cake. You can walk to Portobello Beach or take a bus.


Don’t forget to read my impressions of Edinburgh when I first visited the city. Have you been to Edinburgh? What were your favourite spots? Please share in the comments below.

Written by Kinga Macalla

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