Travelling Corner: My 5 Favourite Cafés in Prague


Cafés in Prague are spectacular. Keep reading to find out why.

Café Louvre

The whole experience from the moment you enter to this large, elegant space, the way you’re greeted, the surrounding beautiful interior design, the taste of coffee, the high standard of waitressing… Be aware that there is a smoking and a non-smoking area.

Kavárna Slavia

The best coffee. It’s beautifully served and tastes just wonderful. My favourite spot was by the window with the view of the National Theatre Národní divadlo and passing trams. One of the best known cafes in Prague, but still not too crowded. Be aware that there is a smoking and a non-smoking area.

Grand Café Orient

Two words: cubist interior. And the best sweets (my favourite is kubistický věneček). Sit down on the striped sofa and enjoy the moment!

Kavárna Obecní dům

The best service. And the moving trolley with scrumptious cakes is cute. The grand Art Nouveau interior is truly breath-taking.

Bakeshop Praha

Amazing food (and the choice of it!). If you miss speaking English and want to have a nice breakfast/lunch, that’s the place to go!

Have you been to Prague? What were your favourite cafes? Please share in the comments below.

Written by Kinga Macalla

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