Travelling corner: Bristol by bike (part 1)


In my humble opinion, Bristol is not the easiest place to cycle as it’s quite hilly, but the bike trips I want to recommend today are not too challenging – they’re definitely family-friendly 🙂 I usually cycle with my family at weekends and we use a bike trailer for our two daughters who enjoy observing the world from there (or having short naps, why not?!). I planned to include more bike trips in this blog post, but my post-partum stamina is still weak (another blog post with more bike trips is coming this autumn). OK, off we go! 3 bike trips are coming:

Blaise Castle (cycling route no 41)

It’s a fantastic place for the whole family. You can picnic there or have some serious fun on the playgrounds. How to get there by bike? We usually cycle from Shirehampton by cycling route no 41. The cycling route can be found just behind the Nova primary school. Later, you’ll pass the city farm in Lawrence Weston where you can have a short break (if you fancy doing so!). Once you’ve reached the street, turn left and then again left and up. It’s a bit hilly for the last few meters, but then you can race down on your way back!

Lamplighter’s walk

This is a short bike trip. You start by the Lamplighters Pub (there is a small sandpit playground behind it), turn left and cycle by the side of the River Avon. Nice views and a good place to have a picnic (you’ll find a picnic table in the middle of the route).

Portishead (cycling route no 26)

This’s my favourite! It’s long (for me!, cca 1,5 hrs one way), sometimes hilly, with some beautiful and wild nature. You start in Shirehampton at Lower High Street, you go towards Avonmouth and then turn left to go to the M5 motorway. Once off the M5, turn right and follow the cycling route no 26 to Portishead. In Portishead, you can relax in the park, have a walk around the marina or go swimming in the indoor or open-air swimming pools (aka lido).

What are your favourite cycling routes in Bristol? Let me know in the comments below.

Kinga Macalla

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