Travelling Corner: Why CAMPING is cool!


I’ve tried hotels, hostels & BnBs and I must admit camping is definitely my favourite. I find camping the best option for accommodation when travelling in summer (or to warmer countries). While recently camping, I thought about why I prefer camping over other types of accommodation. Below are my thoughts on why I find camping so great:

Close to nature—yes, you can spend practically the whole day outside breathing fresh air, surrounded by trees (and sometimes mosquitoes);

Flexibility & freedom—you have your home (tent) on your back, you can stay wherever you like and very often no advance booking is needed (especially outside the UK): you simply arrive & stay;

Beautiful & calm surrounding—campsites are very often situated outside towns & cities, near the sea, a lake, a river or in the mountains: the perfect location;

Simple conditions—I have to say that camping is not a 5-star hotel: there is normally no Internet (or there might be Internet in designated areas only), there is often no hot water, toilets are shared, you have to get used to survival sleeping conditions (it’s not the softest or most comfortable bed), you have limited luggage (if you’re taking your tent, sleeping bags, mats and cooking accessories then there is not much space left for your clothes, shoes or cosmetics);

Simple life—you completely change your daily routine: you go to bed with the cicadas and wake up with the birds, you cook your meals in one pot, read books under a tree and follow your own desires;

Easy to socialise & experience a multicultural atmosphere—it’s easy to make friends and meet people from around the world (I often make friends with people I don’t share a common language with, through the power of gesture & smile! 🙂

It’s NOT expensive!!!

Do you go camping? Why do you find it so cool?

Written by Kinga Macalla

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