Travelling corner: My ‘little’ guide to Bath


We often travel to Bath, as it’s only 12-minutes away by train, so we use the opportunity to visit this town regularly. Personally, I really like the architecture of the town, its elegance, charm and uniqueness. I like strolling around Bath without an aim and popping into little cafes for a sip of tea. What else do we like to do in Bath?!

The Egg Theatre

This little theatre has a rich show offer for the little ones and there is a café/play area for kids to enjoy, too.

Swimming pool

We really enjoy the public swimming pool. There is a play pool for kids and, even though it’s small, there are plenty of options to choose from. The only recent drawback is the extra payable lockers, I find them quite impractical, especially when being with the kids.

Café au lait

This café is just opposite the train station and, if I travel alone, it’s always on my to-visit list J It reminds me of the Polish milk bars (‘bar mleczny’), mostly for its name and location, as it looks way more charming and cute. What do I treat myself or my family to when we’re there? Dark hot chocolate with coconut milk! Oh, that’s yummy!


After some culture, sport, and hot drinks, it’s time for fresh air. We can go walking, picnicking, flower spotting in the inside garden, or listening to live music (there is often a live concert in the park). Life is good, huh?

Bath is definitely one of my favourite English towns, what’s yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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