Travelling corner: St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall


We visited St Michael’s Mount for the third time this summer. The first time we went there was actually our first time in Cornwall. The second time I was pregnant with our first girl, and the third time we went there as a family of 4 (I’m starting to wonder how many of us will go there the next time we decide to visit the Mount! 😉 St Michael’s Mount is a tidal island in Cornwall with a castle, chapel and a few houses. The island it still inhabited and can be accessed on foot (low tide) or by boat (high tide). We read on Wikipedia that historically, St Michael’s Mount was a counterpart of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France (definitely plan to visit it, especially that the French island is more than 4 times bigger the British one!). We visited the island in peak season this year and this was the only drawback, as it was quite crowed when entering the castle and when waiting for the boat to go back. But, for the views, it was worth it.

Have you been to St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall or Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy? Do let me know in the comments below.

Kinga Macalla

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