Travelling Corner: Weekend in Barcelona


Barcelona is a city located in Cataluña, Spain. It’s full of tourists, palms, parrots, bilingual signs (in Catalan & Spanish) and beautiful weather! It can be visited the whole year round, but I would recommend late Autumn, Winter or early Spring as the best time to embrace its beauty and colours. It’s a relatively expensive city, so be prepared for slightly higher prices, especially in cafes and shops. But, if you want to experience heaven on Earth and still not to spend all your savings, here are my tips for you!


Oh, the beach! It’s long and sandy. I visited the beach every day in the late afternoon, when the sun was setting and the colours in the sky were changing into pink and purple and the boats were sailing back to the port. People were reading, talking, walking, smiling, laughing, playing, exercising, jogging and of course, swimming. It was an experience in its own, beautiful and peaceful.

Parc de la Ciutadella

A beautiful green area in Barcelona. It’s located not far away from the triumphant Arc de Triomf and has many beautiful trees, palms and ponds, as well as a zoological garden. When the city gets quite busy, it’s a good idea to come here for a lunch break or to relax on the grass.

Catedral de Barcelona

The cathedral is a fine example of gothic style: monumental and impressive. Entrance is not free, but you can always join the religious service (especially when vising on Sunday) to see the beautiful gothic interiors (but photographs are not permitted then).

Barri Gòtic

The Gothic quarter is at the heart of the old town in Barcelona. Narrow streets and very high buildings (with flowers on the balconies), tiny squares with fountains, cafes & restaurants, galleries & museums, tiny shops & bakeries. It’s a very eclectic combination of the old and new which gives you a unique flavour of the old town. I had a very medieval feeling when I walked those tiny streets, especially after dark.

Caj Chai

As you know (if you read this blog), I rarely go out to eat when travelling. The only exception I make is (obviously) a tea break. When visiting Barcelona, I went to a tea room called Caj Chai. It’s located in the Gothic quarter and is a specialised tea room which serves various types of tea: white, green, back or herbal. For me, it was a wonderful experience, slow and aromatic.

What are your memories from Barcelona? Let me know in the comments below.

Written by Kinga Macalla

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