Travelling corner: Winter in Exmoor


This winter I re-discovered Exmoor. The last time I went to this beautiful part of England was when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, around 5 years ago! I remember being 7 months pregnant and climbing North Hill and, by mistake, taking the steep route up the hill… Oh yes, it was proper exercise and this winter, surprisingly (!), we avoided this steeper path 🙂 Below, you’ll find my favourite walks from Exmoor. BTW, if you can, please recommend some books/blogs on Exmoor, as I’m curious to learn more about this undiscovered (by me) land.

North Hill

Yes, we did it again, but this time we chose a more humane path. It was beautiful to walk among green ferns at the lowest point, among clouds in the middle and above the clouds and bathed in sunlight at the highest point. We had such amazing weather that day, which turned the whole walk into a magical experience.


I had been planning to visit Lynton for a while and somehow it didn’t happen, but this winter I was determined to go there and explore its uniqueness. Lynton is located on a hill with a Cliff Railway train going down to Lynmouth, a picturesque sea village (unfortunately, the train doesn’t operate in winter). We went for a walk to Lee Bay following the coast. Even though we were wet as we walked in the clouds, the views of the rocks on the left and the sea on the right and the copper hills around the valley created a beautiful scenery.

Porlock Weir

I like analysing maps to see where it would be interesting to go and I had a feeling that this little harbour just outside Porlock might be an intriguing spot to visit and I was right! I also read a brochure that said that in the 18th and 19th centuries the place was famous for oysters and recently a community project was established and oyster farming returned to Porlock Weir! Truly intrigued, we went to explore it. We found a long stony beach, a small harbour, a tiny oyster warehouse (!), and a petite gallery with a café (it was true bliss to have a mug of tea there!). We took a long walk along the stony beach and beyond, to the marshland. It was quiet and peaceful, yet so uniquely beautiful.

We so enjoyed our short winter trip to Exmoor that we’d love to return there in Spring/Summer, to see it in its full colours and flavours. Have you been to Exmoor recently? Let me know in the comments below.

Kinga Macalla

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