Book review: How to Speak any Language Fluently. by Alex Rawlings


Language learning never stops. No matter how much you know,

there will always be more to learn. (p. 2)

I had been waiting to read / use such a book for a while. It’s a very pleasant read yet it contains all the essential practicalities of foreign language learning. One may not be surprised as the author, Alex Rawlings, is a polyglot and a language specialist who has devoted his professional life to languages.

The book provides a step-by-step guide into language learning. It’s clear that it’s based on the author’s experience of learning and knowing many languages (more than 15?). The book can be treated as a starting point to gain some confidence and motivation to get started on the language learning journey. It can be also used as an accelerator to provide some interesting tips and advice for established language learners. Finally, we can also see it as an amazing source of language learning resources: websites, apps and exercises.

Among many interesting tips covered by Alex, the book explains how to form good language learning habits (!), clarifies different learner’s types and learning styles and gives some advice on how to sound less ‘foreign’.

And finally, my favourite tip for difficulty sleeping is that “grammar books are great for insomnia.” (p.97) I couldn’t agree more! Have you recently read an interesting publication on language learning? Please let me know in the comment below.

Kinga Macalla

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