Book review: Weston-super-Mare by Rosie and Howard Smith


When you think about Weston-super-Mare, you don’t think about it in terms of a holiday riviera or the most sought-after sea-side town. However, the book Western-super-Mare by Rosie and Howard Smith, is a beautifully illustrated alternative guide, which may inspire you to visit, and look at it from a completely different perspective.

I first came across books by Rosie and Howard Smith when we were planning a boat trip to Steep Holm, and I wanted to learn more about this tiny island. The beautifully illustrated diary was a nice introduction to the island’s fauna and flora, and life in general. Rosie Smith is an artist / illustrator, and Howard Smith uses his personal experience and research to guide us through the town.

The guidebook walks us through the town, seafront, parks, woods, islands, and surrounding villages Brean Down, The Hillside, Worlebury and Kewstoke. It contains many historical facts, some interesting / quirky places to visit, and various architectural pearls. Writers also share some personal stories. We can also find out where to get the tastiest bread, as well as read my favourite story about the perfect summer job!

Have you recently read an inspiring guidebook? Please let me know in the comments below.

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