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BLS Adult Spring Term Language Courses 2024: Accelerate your language learning

Beginner Level 1 Course (CEFR A1.1): [Tutor Patricia] online course
Monday, 5.10-6.10pm, 8 x 60 min. lessons [on 22, 29 April & 13, 20 May & 03, 10, 17, 24 June 2024] £95 Course Programme

Beginner Level 2 Course (CEFR A1.2): [Tutor Patricia] online course
Monday, 6.20-7.50pm, 8 x 90 min. lessons [on 22, 29 April & 13, 20 May & 03, 10, 17, 24 June 2024] £125 Course Programme

Intermediate Level 1 Course (CEFR A2.2): [Tutor Patricia] online course Hurry, only 4 places left!
Monday, 8-9.30pm, 8 x 90 min. lessons [on 22, 29 April & 13, 20 May & 03, 10, 17, 24 June 2024] £125 Course Programme


Portugal is one of history’s most successful survivors. It […] made its mark on every corner of the globe through colonisation, emigration and commerce. Unlike the more prosperous Catalonia it succeeded in escaping from Spanish captivity in the seventeenth century. Unlike the equally dynamic Scotland it was not politically absorbed by its English economic patron in the eighteenth century. Unlike the middle-ranking kingdoms of Naples or Bavaria it was not cannibalised in the unification of the great nineteenth-century land empires of Europe. Unlike Germany and Italy it did not lose its African colonies in either the First or the Second World War. And unlike other farming countries such as Ireland or Denmark it remained outside the European Economic Community until the 1980s.

Portugal is a country of sandy coves, rugged landscapes, sophisticated cities, rural backwaters and sharply contrasting traditions. Its ten million people speak their own language, follow their own unique cultural traditions, and have a centuries-old history of proud independence.
[From David Birmingham, “A Concise History of Portugal”, Cambridge University Press, 2003, p. I. & Martin Symington, “Portugal”, Eyewitness Travel, 2008, p. 17.]

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Beginner Level 1 Online Course Apr-Jun 2024 (for 18+), Beginner Level 2 Online Course Apr-Jun 2024 (for 18+), Intermediate Level 1 Online Course Apr-Jun 2024 (for 18+)


  1. Helen King (verified owner)

    I have been having Portuguese lessons with Patricia for three terms and am really enjoying the classes at the school and online. Patricia is a great teacher, really supportive and encouraging. Her knowledge of the country and culture also helps to bring the language alive. Initially I thought I would only stay to learn the basics but now I’m keen to continue to build my understanding and confidence. Highly recommended!

  2. Matteo Francescon (verified owner)

    I’ve been having Portuguese lessons for just about a semester and I’ve already learned a lot. Our tutor is Patricia, who’s very helpful and supportive. I enjoy talking and trying the things we learn right away, this helps me to consolidate the learning and makes me feel more confident. We’re learning about culture as well as grammar, which is very interesting. I always look forward to the classes and feel very thankful after. It’s been a great experience.

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