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BLS Adult Summer Term Language Courses 2019

Pogadanki przy kawie (A2): [Tutor Lucia]
Monday & Wednesday, 6.20-7.50pm, 08 x 90 min. lessons [on 02, 04, 09, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25 September] £120 £115 Hurry, Early Bird discount ends 1st July! Course Programme






Poland is a country whose experience contrasts very markedly with that of either Britain or the USA. It was once a great European power, which had the misfortune to be completely wiped off the map for long periods and which has only recently re-emerged as a sovereign republic. (…)

Poland’s territory is nearly half as big again as the United Kingdom, and is similar in size to that of Spain or Germany. Poland’s population, at nearly 40 million, is in the same league as that of California or New York State, and is larger than those of Canada and Australia combined. If one adds the 15 million Poles who for various reasons live abroad, it approaches that of France, Italy or Britain.

Due to its unfamiliarity, the Polish language has gained the unwarranted reputation of being fiendishly difficult, if not impossible to learn. As someone who has mastered it from scratch, and who uses it every day at home, I can categorically deny this slur. In reality, it is no more difficult for an English-speaker to learn Polish than for a Polish-speaker to learn English.
written by Norman Davies, Colloquial Polish. The Complete Course for Beginners, p. IX-X.

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"Pogadanki przy kawie" Sept 2019 (for 18+)


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