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BLS Adult Spring Term Language Courses 2024: Accelerate your language learning


Beginner Level 3 Course (CEFR A1.2): [Tutor Ewa] online course
, 5.45-6.45pm, 8 x 60 min. lessons [on 22, 29 April & 13, 20 May & 03, 10, 17, 24 June 2024] £95 Course Programme

Elementary Level 2 Course (CEFR A1.2): [Tutor Ewa] online course
Monday, 8.10-9.10pm, 8 x 60 min. lessons [on 22, 29 April & 13, 20 May & 03, 10, 17, 24 June 2024] £95 Course Programme

Intermediate Level 3 Course (CEFR A2.1): [Tutor Ewa] online course Hurry, only 3 places left!
, 7-8pm, 8 x 60 min. lessons [on 22, 29 April & 13, 20 May & 03, 10, 17, 24 June 2024] £95 Course Programme


In-Person Workshop for Complete Beginners (CEFR A1.1): [Tutor Ewa] 

£65, Saturday, 18/05/24 from 11am-3pm, Bristol

Lunch provided / Available for booking till 15/05/24; Course Programme


Poland is a country whose experience contrasts very markedly with that of either Britain or the USA. It was once a great European power, which had the misfortune to be completely wiped off the map for long periods and which has only recently re-emerged as a sovereign republic. (…)

Poland’s territory is nearly half as big again as the United Kingdom, and is similar in size to that of Spain or Germany. Poland’s population, at nearly 40 million, is in the same league as that of California or New York State, and is larger than those of Canada and Australia combined. If one adds the 15 million Poles who for various reasons live abroad, it approaches that of France, Italy or Britain.

Due to its unfamiliarity, the Polish language has gained the unwarranted reputation of being fiendishly difficult, if not impossible to learn. As someone who has mastered it from scratch, and who uses it every day at home, I can categorically deny this slur. In reality, it is no more difficult for an English-speaker to learn Polish than for a Polish-speaker to learn English.
written by Norman Davies, Colloquial Polish. The Complete Course for Beginners, p. IX-X.

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Beginner Level 3 Online Course Apr-Jun 2024 (for 18+), Elementary Level 2 Online Course Apr-Jun 2024 (for 18+), Intermediate Level 3 Online Course Apr-Jun 2024 (for 18+), In-Person Workshop for Complete Beginners Jun 2024 (for 18+)


  1. Lowri Griffiths (verified owner)

    The Polish course is great, I’m really enjoying it. There’s a good mixture of grammar, listening and speaking exercises and as the group is quite small, there’s plenty of time to ask questions and the tutor is able to explain our mistakes and how to correct them. The teaching style is quite relaxed and there’s a nice, happy atmosphere in the class every week.

  2. Richard Spencer (verified owner)

    I am enjoying the Polish course very much as it`s fun as well as informative. Our tutor is very patient and encouraging, guiding our pronunciation and our path through the grammar. Thoroughly recommended!

  3. Juley Howard (verified owner)

    My Polish had been tanking a bit for the previous couple of years, so although it was a shock to the system Kinga’s style of masses of homework and only talking in Polish during the class is really helping me to learn more vocabulary, and understand the grammar more intuitively. She is a great teacher and I now enjoy watching Polish detective programmes and am looking forward to going back to Poland after the lockdown.

  4. Debbie (verified owner)

    I have now done two Polish courses with the Bristol Language School – Beginners’ and Beginners’+ – and have thoroughly enjoyed them both. Our tutor, Kinga, is extremely methodical with regard to all aspects of the language – including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation – and is also unwaveringly enthusiastic and encouraging. I have loved the way that she has motivated us by providing titbits of Polish culture along the way in the form of songs, video clips and film trailers. Fantastycznie! One very satisfied customer who definitely wants to learn more.

  5. Tom Milsted (verified owner)

    I’m on my third Polish course with Ewa now, and I’m getting a lot from these lessons. Sometimes just having a chance to talk Polish more confidently than with a group of native speakers is all that’s needed to make improvements, and Ewa creates that safe environment whilst challenging us just the right amount to make steps forwards. I will be doing more courses as I really value what I’m getting from them. Thank you, Ewa!

  6. Ken Jaques (verified owner)

    I have just completed a beginner’s Polish language course and was taught by Ewa. I thoroughly enjoyed the course for which Ewa had prepared professional material. Homework was always set and debriefed and I was pleased to be pushed/challenged to expand my speaking skills. I recommend Ewa to anyone who wants to learn Polish.

  7. Lowri Griffiths (verified owner)

    For the last few courses, Ewa has been our teacher. The classes are always fun and interesting with a variety of activities during the class and as preparation/homework in advance. I like that the classes are generally taught in Polish as it helps with listening and understanding the language and picking up new ways of saying things. The group is quite small so there’s plenty of time to ask questions and learn how to correct our mistakes. Ewa is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and encouraging and I’m very much enjoying learning Polish with her.

  8. Jean (verified owner)

    Lively and encouraging ‚ Ewa teaches in a practical way ‚ whilst also ensuring that the gritty realities of Polish grammar are tackled head on. We have fun while we are being kitted out with useful language skills for actual life

  9. Pam Lock (verified owner)

    Ewa is an intelligent and flexible teacher of Polish. I learned with her in a small group and it was great. In fact, I’ve signed up again for the next course. We were always learning something new while also consolidating our learning from previous weeks. Her lessons are friendly and fun and packed with exercises and things to do so you are always thinking about Polish in new ways. I’d thoroughly recommend Ewa if you get a chance to learn with her.

  10. Sophie Saunder (verified owner)

    I have now completed 5 Polish group courses with Bristol Language School, and have just signed up to my 6th! Ewa is a dynamic and professional teacher who can breakdown often complex Polish grammar structures and vocabulary to make them digestible and manageable. Every lesson is well structured, thought out and engaging, and are designed to challenge you to the best of your ability. Ewa creates a really safe space to learn and also make mistakes, and has facilitated a really nice sense community in the group. I have learned a great deal of Polish since starting lessons with her and I would unreservedly recommend her as a teacher. Looking forward to the next block of lessons!

  11. RICHARD SPENCER (verified owner)

    I am enjoying studying the Intermediate Polish course this year with Ewa. She is an excellent and patient teacher, encouraging us to speak Polish as much as possible. She covers Polish grammar in a thorough and interesting manner, with plenty of opportunities to practice in class and at home. She also teaches us about Polish customs and traditions which adds colour and interest to the lessons.

  12. James Holmes (verified owner)

    Having just completed level 1 beginner’s Polish class with Ewa I can definitely recommend her if you are looking to start learning. Polish is difficult and whilst you might be able to pick up the odd phrase or word from something like Duolingo you really can’t hope to understand or speak the language until you break it down to the building blocks and structure of the language. Ewa’s lessons are always engaging and she makes everything very clear encouraging the group to start speaking Polish in lessons right from the beginning. Lessons are well structured and include call backs to previous lessons to ensure things are not forgotten. Ewa also adds in little bits of information about Polish culture and traditions in her lessons which are very interesting and make the learning more rounded. Homework is provided to reinforce what was learnt in the previous lesson. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Ewa if you are looking to start learning Polish.

    I’ve already booked onto the level 2 beginner course and I’m looking forward to continuing my learning with Ewa.

  13. Sean (verified owner)

    Ewa is a great teacher for our Intermediate Polish group. She makes sure we have every opportunity to say if there are topics we would like her to cover or revise. She sets an appropriate amount of weekly homework and goes thought it carefully in class. She generally conducts the class in Polish, which I sometimes find quite difficult, but is happy to switch to English as and when necessary. She makes sure we all take turns saying (in Polish) how our week had gone and in answering questions in class, so we all have plenty of opportunity to practice our spoken Polish. It all makes learning Polish a rewarding experience.

  14. Cath B (verified owner)

    I have been so impressed by the quality of the teaching which has been provided by Ewa. I would not hesitate to recommend. She varies her teaching methods to make it fun and I have really enjoyed learning. I have learnt so much more than I thought was possible in the 10 weeks. Also I recommend Bristol Language School – they are organised and send links and course information in good time.

  15. Mihai Cucos (verified owner)

    I have studied for one term with Ewa on a 1 hour per week basis and I have already booked to continue next term.
    Ewa is a really talented teacher who is great at introducing aspects of the Polish language for beginners.
    It’s quite a difficult language to learn and Ewa is patient and has a good sense of humour.
    I feel that with Ewa I’m able to digest each lesson and build up my ability to speak Polish.

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