Learning a Language: Are Group Lessons Really for Me?


Are Group Lessons Really for Me_

When we decide we want to learn a new language, we want to find a suitable tutor or a course to guide us through our new learning journey. When is it right to have group lessons? Let me share with you some ideas.

FIRST STEP Let’s learn a new language together! We have more support when attending group lessons: e.g. from class-mates, our tutor or staff members.

ROUTINE We attend lessons regularly, so there is a routine established in our new language learning experience.

COMMUNICATION We communicate with our class-mates and learn new grammar and vocabulary, as well as learning about culture and more.

MOTIVATION If we need some support in maintaining motivation, we have many opportunities to speak and socialise while attending a group course.

TIME Group lessons are usually longer, so we have more opportunities to speak, listen, read and write in a foreign language.

FRIENDS We learn a language and we make friends, as we already share one common interest: learning a new language!

FINANCES Group lessons are usually cheaper, so we can save while studying a foreign language.

PERSONALITY Being competitive, extroverted or social may mean that we’ll be active in using the language more frequently when having group lessons.

language learning is fun.

I believe these might be the common reasons for choosing group lessons. What is your opinion or experience? When do you think we should have group lessons? Please let me know in the comments below.

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