Magazine Review: Kinfolk (The Travel Issue)


“Travel is a mentality as much as an action.” Nathan Williams & Georgia Frances King

As with every issue of Kinfolk, I read the Travel Issue from cover to cover, being inspired and uplifted on every single page. The recent issue opens a door to so many different ways of thinking about travel, from our experience as travellers, life between countries to professional life requiring international travels. It also shows the connectivity between different disciplines and travel, such as architecture, fashion, style, photography, culture and language.

Kinfolk Travel Issue 1

However, what struck my attention most was the article on modern travellers and social media tools. Sharing a destination on social media is almost the norm while travelling these days. But, should we really popularise all our favourite spots? Let some destinations remain quieter, unique and exquisite, not being known to “everybody”. (Adrienne Matei, Neither here nor there, p. 82-7)

I also learnt a new untranslatable word, dor:
Dor (Romanian): a nuanced hybrid at absence and nostalgia, dor conveys loneliness you embrace, rather than overcome (p. 26).

[All quotations and mentions come from Kinfolk, The Travel Issue, 2016.]

Written by Kinga Macalla

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