Travelling Corner: 5 Ideas for Short-Distance Walks in Bristol (Part 1)


I am a keen walker and I always give my legs priority over any other form of transportation. However, it is not always possible to have enough time for a long walk (but there will be a follow-up post on long-distance walking ideas, too!). Below I have prepared my favourite smaller green spots where you can have a picnic/lunch, go for a short walk or sit on a bench and relax. It’s refreshing and energising.

Queen Square, Centre: a perfect location if you are in the city centre or near the train station.

Brandon Hill, Clifton: well-hidden behind high buildings, not far away from the museum and Park Street.


Suspension Bridge, Clifton Village: there are many routes to walk and admire the bridge, on the edge of Clifton Village.


Lover’s Walk, Redland: one of my favourite streets in Bristol, I could walk up and down the street all day long! Next to Redland train station, near Gloucester Road.

Kings Weston Park, Shirehampton: perfect picnic area and a very cosy café with tables inside & outside, walkable form Shirehampton train station, parking available, too.


Do you have any favourite small open areas in Bristol? Please share your favourites in the comments below.

Written by Kinga Macalla

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