Travelling corner: A day in Blackpool


Yes, we made it to Blackpool, the capital of ballroom dancing! The town is also famous for its rollercoasters, clubs and all the glitter, but as we travelled with our 2 daughters (which makes some difference on how much clubbing you can actually do!), we rather enjoyed other attractions of the town. Please see below how we spent our day in Blackpool!


I think I’m sentimental about trams/tramways, so we had to have a tram ride in Blackpool, especially since they go along the promenade with its beautiful views of the sea (plus it’s practical; you can get a 24-hour ticket and visit more in one day)!

Promenade & beach

The promenade is long, the same as the beach, but as the tide is high, the majority of the beach is under water (the beach actually disappeared in the afternoon when we visited the town), so the promenade gives the opportunity to continue walking (or bike riding) and enjoying the sea views.

The old pier & tower

There are three piers in Blackpool, if I remember correctly, and I think we visited the North Pier. It’s a vintage pier with some French-styled carousels and a unique relaxing and sun-bathing room. There was live music and some good dancing (!). And the view of the tower (which is circa 125 years old!) is breath-taking.

Have you visited Blackpool or other seaside towns in Lancashire? What did you enjoy most?

Kinga Macalla

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