Travelling Corner: Breathtaking Views in a Croatian National Park (photo blog)


I visited The Krka National Park during my travels to Croatia this autumn. I was planning to go to Pltvice National Park too, but on the day I had planned to go there were a series of storms, so I’ve postponed it until next time I’m in Croatia. The Krka National Park was created by the most beautiful waterfalls (you can even swim in one of them!). You can walk or take a boat to the main waterfall and then walk to the upper areas of the park. You can then take another boat or walk even higher. It’s worth having a day or even two days to explore the park and embrace its natural beauty. Below you’ll find my photos from the Krka National Park (I have to admit the nature is much prettier in reality!). Enjoy!

Have you visited the Krka National Park? What were you impressions? Please share your experience in the comments below.

Written by Kinga Macalla

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