Travelling Corner: Picture-Perfect Spot in Croatia

It was my first time in Croatia and I fell in love with its people, nature, food and culture. My stay in Croatia was amazing and it surprised me in many ways. Today, I want to share with you my picture-perfect spot in Croatia (I have also written a more...

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Travelling Corner: Breathtaking Views in a Croatian National Park (photo blog)

I visited The Krka National Park during my travels to Croatia this autumn. I was planning to go to Pltvice National Park too, but on the day I had planned to go there were a series of storms, so I’ve postponed it until next time I’m in Croatia. The Krka...

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Travelling Corner: Croatia through my Eyes: 7 Curiosities you won’t find in a Travel Guide!

What makes Croatia special? I gathered my memories, impressions, fascinations and surprises throughout my stay there last autumn. Below are my 7 favourite curiosities about Croatia (all very subjective!): 1 No iPhones everywhere Yes, Croatians actually talk to each other! Even when they commute, travel or queue. People (all of...

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