Travelling corner: Wales with kids

I’m taking you to Wales today! To South Pembrokeshire, to be precise. We visited the exact same location when I was first-trimester pregnant, but back then I only wanted to sleep (and was too tired to explore anything). So we decided to visit Wales again as a family of 4...

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Travelling Corner: How to have a PERFECT weekend away

I recently travelled to Brecon Beacons in Wales for the weekend, as I wanted to slow down, think through certain aspects of my life and re-charge my batteries. Do you sometimes feel that you need to change your surroundings and just go away for a couple of days? I have...

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Travelling Corner: Late Autumn in Wales

Late autumn in Wales is beautiful, it allows us to experience different weather conditions, from strong winds, pouring rain, unexpected morning storms to warm sunny spells. I was planning to travel around the Welsh coast and to have a very slow-paced, relaxing trip. But the reality was quite the opposite;...

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