Travelling Corner: How to have a PERFECT weekend away


I recently travelled to Brecon Beacons in Wales for the weekend, as I wanted to slow down, think through certain aspects of my life and re-charge my batteries. Do you sometimes feel that you need to change your surroundings and just go away for a couple of days? I have the same feeling, especially if I work super hard and my enthusiasm is exchanged for tiredness. Then I need a perfect weekend away. But how should I plan it and where should I spend it? Let me share with you some of my secrets…

perfect weekend away

LOCATION It’s good to choose a location that’s beautiful, not too far away (up to a 2-hour drive away) and is not too commercial

location 1

HOUSE Rent a cosy, nicely decorated, but not too big, house or cottage, maybe with a fireplace. Take some candles with you, they will make every evening magical

house 1

GET READY Finish off all important work commitments before heading away, unurgent duties signpost for completion upon your return

get ready 1

INTERNET DETOX Yes, unplug from all social media and don’t check emails every two seconds, live the real life for a couple of days. If you need to send an email or post something, do it and then unplug. Trust me, it is so liberating.

location 2 1

ACTIVE If you lead an active lifestyle, be active, go jogging, hiking, swimming, surfing… whatever relaxes you and makes you happy

active 1

READ Take a paper, books and magazines, your favourite unfinished novel or that magazine you’ve mean wanting to read for a while

reading 1

COOK Plan your meals and make them special, devote more time to cooking & eating, have your partner, friends and children involved in preparations and enjoy this time together. Don’t rush through your meal times, let the dinner last for a couple of hours while you chat about summer holiday plans or a newly published novel by your favourite author

dinner 1

BED TIME Try to go to bed a little bit early and wake up early to prepare a delicious breakfast or to have an early morning walk

bed time 1

How do you plan your perfect weekend away? Do you have any tips? Please share in the comments below.

Written by Kinga Macalla

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