Travelling corner: My sentimental trip to Śląsk in Poland

I spent part of my childhood and youth in Śląsk (Silesia), it’s a province in the south of Poland. As I wasn’t born there, there were some aspects which always attracted my interest: the regional history, the industrial character of the region and their regional dialect (gwara śląska). I left...

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Travelling Corner: Polish Mountains in Autumn

I think I last visited Poland in autumn around 4 years ago and the Polish mountains even longer ago, so it was a real treat to go there in October this year. It was beautiful, colourful and foggy with pretty autumnal vibes. Beskidy (Polish mountain range) I went hiking in...

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Christmas around the world

A few examples of Christmas traditions from around the world! ITALY Unlike in any other country, Christmas presents are delivered by Befana, an old witch, who visits all Italian children in the night of 5th January, travelling the country on her broomstick. Being a good housekeeper, some say she will...

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