Travelling Corner: Polish Mountains in Autumn


I think I last visited Poland in autumn around 4 years ago and the Polish mountains even longer ago, so it was a real treat to go there in October this year. It was beautiful, colourful and foggy with pretty autumnal vibes.

Beskidy (Polish mountain range)

I went hiking in the Polish mountain range of Beskidy in the South of Poland, not far from Katowice and the border with the Czech Republic. I would say these mountains are medium in height, so the stamina level needed to walk there is quite average. I went to the small town of Wisła and chose two routes: one to admire views (Trzy Kopce Wiślańskie, 810 m n.p.m.) and another to reach a beautiful mountain chalet at Schronisko Soszów (Soszów Wielki, 886 m n.p.m.). The overall route to each destination took me around 5 hours there and back, but the whole experience was amazing: from white morning fog and autumnal colours to the beautiful interiors of the chalet.

Walking route signs

If you’re planning to visit any Polish mountains, it might be worth knowing about the walking route signs which come in 5 different colours. The route signs in Poland do not necessarily equal the level of difficulty and are usually marked in the form of a rectangle with three lines: white, another colour (black, red, blue, green or yellow) and white again. The colours describe the length, whether there are scenic views, if the route links with another route or if it has a specific destination.

Do you enjoy hiking? Have you visited any Polish mountains? Please let me know in the comments below.

Written by Kinga Macalla

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