Travelling Corner: Late Autumn in Wales

Late autumn in Wales is beautiful, it allows us to experience different weather conditions, from strong winds, pouring rain, unexpected morning storms to warm sunny spells. I was planning to travel around the Welsh coast and to have a very slow-paced, relaxing trip. But the reality was quite the opposite; I was rushing from one place to another soaking in the rain, fighting with strong winds and carrying too much of everything. But I could forget about all that within seconds when amazed by the calm steely sea or rough hazel-brown waves, mountains and hills covered in clouds, a whole pallet of colours on mountain slopes and astonishing architecture.




And my travels would not be the same without John Winterson Richards’s brilliantly written  “Xenophobe’s Guide to the Welsh”. I have not climbed Snowdon yet, neither can I pronounce “Penrhyndeudraeth” correctly, so I will definitely come back to this magical land of contrasts and passion.

Written by Kinga Macalla

Edited by Alicja Zajdel

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