Travelling corner: Bristol by bike (part 2)


In my humble opinion, Bristol is not the easiest place to cycle, as it’s quite hilly, but the bike trips I want to recommend today are not too challenging, they’re definitely family-friendly 🙂 I usually cycle with my family at weekends and we use a bike trailer for our two daughters who enjoy observing the world from there (or have a short nap, why not?!). My previous blog post on bike trips can be read here and today is part 2. OK, off we go! 3 bike trips are coming:

Shirehampton-Severn Beach (route no 41)

It’s a fairly easy ride, not too long. However, I highly recommended going on this bike trip on Sunday, as otherwise many lorries cross the route. It is always (at least in my case) windy in Severn Beach, so be prepared to have a break with your hair everywhere. Having said this, I do enjoy this cycling route, especially two moments; when you’re going among the trees and then the bridge view.

Shirehampton-Pill-Bristol Centre (route no 26)

I so wanted to go cycling on the other side of the river Avon (as I had looked at it many times from the train window) and this summer I finally fulfilled this desire! The cycling route is beautiful and it’s not very difficult, but I think it takes a bit longer to reach the centre than on the previous route. You will meet many cyclists, runners and walkers on the way, as it’s a popular way to enjoy one’s weekend, with the views of Clifton Suspension Bridge or the River Avon.

Shirehampton-Bristol Centre-Bedminster/Southville (Portway Road)

The cycling route goes along Portway Road which runs from Shirehapton to Bristol centre. There is a pavement, so the ride is comfortable, however, it’s sinusoidally up and down, so it takes some stamina to get to the centre. If you wish to go to Bedminster/Southville, then turn right on the small bridge, which I think it’s called Plimsoll Bridge. I usually go this way if I quickly need to reach the above destinations.

These are my favourite, most-used bike trips. Do let me know which cycling routes are your favourites. Leave your comment down below.

Kinga Macalla

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