Travelling corner: Polperro, Lansallos, Barcelona. Where are we?


Can you guess where you can find all those towns located almost next to each other? I’ll help you: in Cornwall, UK! Yes, I was as surprised as you are when I discovered that some Cornish towns sound more Spanish/Italian than English. Today, I’d like to take you to South Cornwall to explore this beautiful region.


I visited Looe many times during my summer travels, as my camp-site was located very nearby. The town is small and has a beautiful beach (which can be quite crowded with sun-lovers). There are boutiques, bakeries, cafés and a small harbour. From the harbour you can go to the tiny island called Looe Island or St George’s Island, either as a short tour or a day trip (or you can stay on the island and hire a tipi). From the town, you can also go for a very pleasant walk to the next town/beach, Millendreath.


A cute little town with many tiny shops and boutiques, as well as a beautiful marina and beach. You can go by boat to Polruan or take a longer sea tour. You can walk around all the narrow streets to get a flavour of the town, or head to the beach to relax and chill out (Readymoney Cove).


An old fishing town. When you walk through the small streets, you can feel some foreign accents in the architecture and building layout (Italian?). It can be quite crowded with tourists, but it’s still worth visiting for its special charm.

Which towns have you visited in South Cornwall? Let me know in the comments below.

Kinga Macalla

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