We’re 10 YEARS OLD!


How was your summer? I’m so excited, because we’re starting our autumn language courses soon and we’re looking forward to seeing you then!

We’re also super excited to be celebrating our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY this autumn!

Yes, the school was founded in August 2012! A little project that turned out to be an exciting hub for learning and improving language skills.

We’ve worked with many amazing language tutors. They all co-created the special vibe that the school has: on one hand, it’s professional and academic, and on the other, it’s approachable and friendly. Our current team of language tutors is wonderful: they’re all passionate about teaching their languages and use their experience, creativity and expertise to tailor their language classes to the highest standards.

I’m also grateful for all the admin support we’ve had since we started 10 years ago. Your professionalism and friendly approach helped solve any issues effectively and added smiles to the faces of our tutors and students. Thank you for your help.

Over all those years, we have had the most loyal students, who not only returned to us every term, but also recommended us to their family and friends. We always felt our students as being part of BLS. THANK YOU for your support!

There were many stressful moments: from the snow (oh yes!), illnesses, to forgetting to open the school (oh yes, too!). But I think the biggest challenge was the pandemic. I remember the moment when I realised that we wouldn’t be able to teach in our school’s building. Many students decided not to enrol, or to withdraw, which was understandable. But we still decided to teach online, and deliver our language lessons. It was stressful to run all our classes virtually at the time. Now we feel so confident and efficient in running our lessons online. Well done, us! 

There were many beautiful moments, like our events: from Christmas concerts, parties, to open evenings, language days, conversation sessions and video recordings. Also, we had students moving to different countries to fulfil their dream of living abroad, or having a specialised job there. Students pursued their dreams of travelling to many different parts of world. Students got married and prepared their speeches in their partner’s language. Students were able to communicate with their in-laws. Students were able to read their favourite book in its original language. The list is endless. We’re so happy we can be part of this journey of fulfilling your dreams.

Not only that, along those years, personally, we also grew 🙂 We had three wonderful children born in 2014, 2018 and 2022. What a blessing to have them with us (and a lot of work, too 😉

BLS party

And a party is coming up, too. Yes, we want to celebrate our school’s anniversary together, and you’re invited to join us. It’s going to be on Saturday, 5th November from 4.30 to 6.30pm at Elmgrove Community Centre in Redland, Bristol (BS6 6AH). Save the date now, as we’d love to see you then!

Thank you for learning languages at Bristol Language School.

THANK YOU for your trust, loyalty and support.

See you on our language courses soon.  

Lots of love,


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