What do our language tutors think about BLS?


What do our language tutors think about BLS?

We’re so happy we can celebrate our 10th anniversary together. Today, I’d like to say how much I appreciate our current team of language tutors. I often say that our learners are loyal and consistent which is so true, but our tutors are just the same: they’re loyal, friendly, flexible and creative. Their experience and expertise in teaching languages is so positively commented on by our language students, that’s why so many of you return for more language classes with us.

I recently asked our language tutors what they think about Bristol Language School and these are their responses:

Enas, Arabic Tutor (teaching at BLS for 5 years): Whatever I say about BSL wouldn’t be enough. It’s an amazing place to teach at and always a big celebration of languages and diversity. Over the years, I have met many impressive people and built so many pleasant connections. I have so many great memories created by both my amazing colleagues and students. My journey with BSL is always an adventure and a rich experience. 

Zhao, Mandarin Chinese Tutor (teaching at BLS for 5 years): Congratulations to you, it’s been a successful 10 years, well done! I would like to say that BLS is a great place to work and study, it’s just like a family who is always there for you!

Jean-Paul, French Tutor (teaching at BLS for 9 years): Congratulations to BLS for reaching this landmark anniversary. As a tutor, it has been a truly enriching experience to be part of its stimulating teaching community and get to meet so many inspiring students over the years.

Victoria, German Tutor (teaching at BLS for 8 years): BLS celebrates its 10th anniversary. For 8 years now I have been a happy member of the BLS team. As in my previous school in Germany, fond friendships developed between the teachers. What makes these friendships here more special is that we all come from foreign countries and cultures. So, we do not only exchange teaching tips between colleagues, but also share experiences of how it feels to live and teach in the UK, coming from completely distinct backgrounds. Even after all these years this remains very exciting and enriching.

Another fundamental difference is the profound and lasting friendship with students. Some students return for years and such a kind and enriching relationship is built. Others stop, often due to work related changes or a move. Some left for Germany 😊.  With a few, we keep in contact over the years, and sometimes we go down memory lane, pondering over the lessons at BLS with many happy and funny memories. Great to be part of this community.

Maria, Italian Tutor (teaching at BLS for 3 years): Let’s celebrate the tenth anniversary of BLS in style! I’ve been teaching Italian at the BLS a few years now, and I have enjoyed every moment. Why should you learn Italian? Because it is the most musical language in the world and the most emotionally expressive! When you learn Italian you enter the history, the art, the music, the traditions of Italy…not to mention the food and the fashion! Learning Italian is like falling in love again! It doesn’t matter how old you are, learning the language of love is therapeutic and it helps your mind, your spirit, your soul!

Ewa, Polish Tutor (teaching at BLS for 1 year): Teaching and learning online – we can come together from various parts of the country and share the common goal of learning a foreign language. It has been good to meet and teach motivated students in my native language and to see them progress. Looking forward to more Polish courses at BLS!

Patricia, Portuguese Tutor (teaching at BLS for 7 years): I have been teaching Portuguese at BLS since 2015, and it has been an amazing experience. I’ve met so many lovely and interesting people. The other teachers and staff are so nice and friendly. I love teaching at BLS for so many reasons… the classes are so dynamic and fun. I always look forward to the next term, and I find it so rewarding to teach my language and culture to so many people. Thank you for everything (Obrigada por tudo), I look forward to teaching here for many more years!

Debbie, Russian Tutor (teaching at BLS for 1 year): There is a linguistic buzz to BLS. It offers excitement, companionship, adventure. It introduces new words, concepts and sounds. BLS is for me, as both student and tutor, somewhere where love of language can claim its rightful place.

Alberto, Spanish Tutor (teaching at BLS for 8 years): I´ve been delivering lessons for BLS for over 8 years now. I had just arrived in the UK and wasn´t very experienced at teaching, but BLS supported me from the very beginning, and gave me a unique opportunity to develop my teaching career. I´ve been teaching at a range of places, and none of them have provided me with the flexibility and understanding that BLS does. It is not by chance that after so many years I am still cooperating with this amazing language school.

See you on our language courses soon: our winter language term starts on 16/01/23. 

Thank you for learning languages at Bristol Language School.

Kinga Macalla

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