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BLS Adult Spring Term Language Courses 2020






“Learning a new language is like growing a new head”, a European friend told me long ago. “You see with new eyes, hear with new ears, speak with a new tongue.” Neuroimaging has proved her right: the mental gymnastics of groping for even the simplest words in a different language ignites brand new clusters of neurons and synapses. And so I, lacking a single drop of Italian blood, can nonetheless claim something utterly, wholly, irrevocably Italian as my own: the language hot spots that have been growing steadily deep within my brain for more than a quarter century.

Italian as we know it was created, not born. With the same thunderbolt genius that would transform art in the Renaissance, writers of fourteenth century Florence-Dante first and foremost-crafted the effervescent Tuscan vernacular into a language rich and powerful enough to sweep down from heaven and up from hell. This priceless living legacy, no less than Petrarch’s poetry, Michelangelo’s sculptures, Verdi’s operas, Fellini’s movies, or Valentino’s dresses, is an artistic masterwork.
written by Dianne Hales, “La Bella Lingua”, Broadway Books, 2011

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Morning Elementary Course Apr-Jun 2020 (for 18+), “Book Club” Course Apr-Jun 2020 (for 18+), Complete Beginner's Course Apr-Jun 2020 (for 18+), Beginner's Plus Course Apr-Jun 2020 (for 18+), Early-Elementary Course Apr-Jun 2020 (for 18+), Upper-Elementary Course Apr-Jun 2020 (for 18+), Upper-Intermediate Course Apr-Jun 2020 (for 18+), Advanced Course Apr-Jun 2020 (for 18+)


  1. Michael Sproat (verified owner)

    Marika is a great teacher, really enthusiatic, helpful and someone who definitely goes the extra mile to keep you motivated… Grazie mille, Marika, ho imparato un sacco di cose! Ti ringrazio molto, buona vacanze, Michele

    • Kinga Macalla

      Many thanks for your positive comment, Michele! We’re happy to learn you enjoy your Italian lessons with Marika.

  2. mvn62 (verified owner)

    Marika is an excellent teacher who makes her lessons very varied and interesting. Marika uses games, videos and music. We also learn about Italian customs and different places. The lessons are fun too!

    • Kinga Macalla

      Many thanks for your positive feedback about Marika, our Italian tutor.

  3. Jbt (verified owner)

    Marika classes make learning fun aswell as informative. She is a great motivator and is very welcoming no matter what your level. I will definitely be doing more

    • Kinga Macalla

      Many thanks, Jane for your positive feedback about Marika, our Italian tutor. Much appreciated!

  4. Ana Miguel Lazaro

    Marika is a great Italian teacher. She makes the lesson fun and interesting. She has created some materials that help you to consolidate the learning. She is also passionate for the Italian culture that is it really important when you are learning a language. I would recommend Marika’s lessons to be able to speak one of the most beautiful languages, Italian.

    • Kinga Macalla

      Thank you, Ana for such an informative and positive feedback about Marika’s teaching! Much appreciated.

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