Travelling corner: Her first trip to the seaside


Whilst still pregnant, I started planning our travels together, specifically, our first trip as a family of 4! My daughter was born in mid-November, so when she was around 6 weeks old, she went away with us for 4 days to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We went to Cornwall: it’s obvious that I had to show her this beautiful land first before exploring the rest of the world 😉

How does travelling look with a new-born? Very simple, in a way: they need to eat, sleep and have clean nappies. The frequency and unpredictability – that’s a bit more challenging, as we had to have regular unplanned breaks in local cafes, or stop in the car for breast-feeding and nappy-changing. We rented a house not far away from some coastal paths and beaches, to make sure that we could quickly go home, if needed. We used a sling to carry her when we walked on the coastal paths and on the beach, and a pram to walk around the Cornish towns. After an intensive day, our daughter was a bit unsettled in the evening, but it didn’t last very long. Obviously, having a holiday in winter is limited by the shortness of day time, but I still so enjoyed the sea views, fresh air, walking and having a huge change to my day-to-day routine with a new-born baby. Would I repeat it? Definitely!

Kinga Macalla

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