Career Advice: Am I a Potential Translator?

If you speak foreign languages (or if you are studying foreign languages), you might consider a career in translation.  This blog post outlines what it takes to become a translator and helps you decide whether this type of career is suited to your skills and personality.  It gives you tips...

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Career Advice: Am I a Potential Language Teacher?

If you love languages or have enjoyed learning a foreign language, you might want to share that enthusiasm and enjoyment with others by training to be a language teacher. You can teach languages at a variety of levels.  You can teach primary or secondary school children, university students or business...

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Careers Advice: Working as a Translator or Interpreter

When you learn a new language, one way you might like to put your skills to good use is by becoming a translator or interpreter.  Translation is turning a text written in one language into a text in another language and interpreting is conveying a spoken or signed message in...

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