Public Service Interpreting – Using Your Language Skills to Help Others

You are learning a language so you will have heard of interpreting: the art of converting one spoken or signed language into another spoken or signed language. The role of an interpreter is to help two or more people who don’t speak the same language to communicate with each other....

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A Day in the Life of an Interpreter – An Interview with Agnieszka Teixera-Vaz

Agnieszka teaches Polish at BLS. She is also a Polish-English interpreter, working in various settings: the police, the courts, hospitals, etc.  We caught up with her after a long day in the field to ask her what a typical day looks like for her. Please tell us a bit about...

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Careers Advice: Working as a Translator or Interpreter

When you learn a new language, one way you might like to put your skills to good use is by becoming a translator or interpreter.  Translation is turning a text written in one language into a text in another language and interpreting is conveying a spoken or signed message in...

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