Book review: How languages changed my life

‘The decision to learn a foreign language is (…) an act of friendship’ John le Carré It’s a fascinating read which should be compulsory for those studying/learning/living with foreign languages. The book “How languages changed my life” (Project MEITS) contains 26 stories written by people whose lives were transformed by...

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How to learn vocabulary by grouping words together

In this blog post, we look at a useful way to help us remember vocabulary – putting words into groups.  We find out how to harness our brain’s natural tendency to understand the world through association (this object is green and has leaves – it must be a plant!) to...

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Interview with Multilingual Matters

Multilingual Matters is an international independent publishing house with lists in the areas of bilingualism, second/foreign language learning, sociolinguistics, translation and books for parents. Most publishing companies tend to be based in London. Why did you choose Bristol? The company was originally based in Clevedon where the company’s founders Mike...

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