Book Review: Growing up with Three Languages by Xiao-Lei Wang

Raising children bilingually sounds challenging enough, but trilingually? Xiao-Lei Wang and her husband decided to teach their children their heritage languages: Chinese and French, while living in the USA. They were very serious about this project and gave their full attention and creativity to make it work for their boys...

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Interview with Writer & Illustrator Ella Frances Sanders

As a linguist, I found your book particularly interesting. Was your work linguistically motivated in any way? Do you have an interest in translation? That’s lovely to hear, thank you! I suppose in retrospect, the book was linguistically motivated without me necessarily realising—but I think Lost in Translation is often...

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Welcome to Bristol Languages!

Welcome to Bristol Languages, a blog run by language enthusiasts. We are linguists: translators, interpreters, language tutors, travellers, language learners and university students who decided to embark upon this fascinating journey of writing a blog, as we want to understand better the genius that each language represents (Humboldt) and explore...

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